Rock Chic or Chiq?

Rock Chiq or what…

I guess the debate is on.
Is it still to late to become a rock chic and could I?The answer is most likely a NO.

But I completely get the whole vibe and wish I had rock chic potential – if it’s beautiful weather like, we have now, I wouldn’t mind kicking some dust to BonJovi, Nick Cave or Portishead.
So when it comes to bringing in the big guns Glastonbury in Shepton Mallet, UK seems to be the winner this year!

Glastonbury Festival

I will settle for rock chiq then and dress up in cut offs, bling tee and the Peace out leather necklace from LaPuella.


But if you got what it takes I hear there a still tickets left …… and rumour has it that there is a VIP sections for those not quite willing to give up on the chique bit. Rock on!

VIP Camp