On my Way….

Soon I will be on my way to visit a good friend in Nice and as it so happens that we are doing absolutely nothing apart from having fun in the sun. What luxury and what to wear, eat, see and whom to be seen with?

My most resent acquisition combines a bit of fashion with snap shooting.

Wonderful gold sequined camera strap

Wonderful gold sequined camera strap

Apart from above purchase and splash of bling I’m actually going for safe once more. Introducing Sailor stripes anno 2013.

I can’t be helped – its France, its summer and stripes are….. so great and it always works for a casual day at the beach (or my ideal look at the beach)

love the mix of the traditional blue & white mixed with the red

love the mix of the traditional blue & white mixed with the red

For lunch at the pier with the girls

Traditional French Sailor stripes calls for champagne and seafood

Traditional French Sailor stripes calls for champagne and seafood

and also for a casual late night drink – just grab a jacket with some trim

a little golden trim and you're good to go

a little golden trim and you’re good to go

and something for the neck…

Black Feather Strapper ads  a bit of rock and roll to all that Frenchieness

Black Feather Strapper from La Puella ads a bit of rock & roll to all that Frenchieness

So I’m going for that sailor striped once more and this wonderful camera strap.

fancy a bit of stripes

fancy a bit of stripes

Maybe we need some handsome sailors to make sure we stay in character !

just in case

just in case

Have a Great Summer


Rock Chic or Chiq?

Rock Chiq or what…

I guess the debate is on.
Is it still to late to become a rock chic and could I?The answer is most likely a NO.

But I completely get the whole vibe and wish I had rock chic potential – if it’s beautiful weather like, we have now, I wouldn’t mind kicking some dust to BonJovi, Nick Cave or Portishead.
So when it comes to bringing in the big guns Glastonbury in Shepton Mallet, UK seems to be the winner this year!

Glastonbury Festival

I will settle for rock chiq then and dress up in cut offs, bling tee and the Peace out leather necklace from LaPuella.


But if you got what it takes I hear there a still tickets left …… and rumour has it that there is a VIP sections for those not quite willing to give up on the chique bit. Rock on!

VIP Camp


Friday inspirations

I like getting inspired by others and translating that into my own style. It is a lot of fun and I am very inspired by Kelly Wearstler – she is bold, sometimes a bit over the top and never lets me down when it comes to gold opulence. I like that she is very true to her “addiction” to gold and she translates this into her fashion and interior.

Today is Friday and tonight I’m gonna wear this copper necklace from La Puella

and then I’m gonna add some black and a bit of sparkle to it from Julie Brandt. Sequins are still so glam and I love this top.
Works with skinny jeans, the little black skirt or the bomber pant. Whatever style you are going for nothing beats a sparkly.

Anyway! Have a great sparkly weekend.


One foot ahead

They say that; “not everything that glitters is gold” – yes, that’s true. It could also be silver or glamorous midnight black.

Spring is here at last, although for some it might not feel like it – but it’s a fact.
So true to form we can parade in high heels and peep toe. This season I’m being sensible and not going pastel at all but keeping it simple….with gold from Tom Ford, silver from Louboutin or black from Givenchy.

I love the jewelry references in the designs: gold sweeping necklace in Fords, silver net as in an antique broche in the LouBou and finally, my favourite, the golden bangle in the Givenchy.
Shoes and accessories now become one.